Major Roof Problems Only Professional Roofing Companies Can Fix

The roof is an integral part of the entire house. It needs regular maintenance and repairs to stay in excellent condition to do its job of providing shelter while withstanding the harsh external conditions. While there are some roof repairs any DIY handyman can manage with ease, there are serious roofing issues that only expert roofing companies should handle.

When inexperienced handymen try to fix major roof problems themselves it usually leads to more trouble and damage. Sometimes it is better to know when to call for assistance rather than take on a job that is too complicated. These are common, but serious roof concerns that the local roofing companies are better equipped to handle:

1. Membrane Damage or Shrinkage

The reason why water simply slides off a roof is due to a component hidden from view. The membrane is installed under the shingles and prevents water from seeping into the home. Since the roof is constantly exposed to extreme temperatures, especially during the summer, the membrane will eventually start to shrink. When it does shrink, the membrane requires replacing and only a professional roofing contractor should do the job.

If the replacement is not expertly done, this could result in leaks and other roof problems that could have easily been avoided.

2.Water Ponding

The term “ponding” refers to the formation of a pool or several pools on the roof because the rain water did not properly drain. This is a common problem for houses and building with flat roofs without an efficient drainage system. Allowing the pond to stagnate over time can result in a damaging leak inside the house. The standing water damages the coating of the roof and will seep into the house.

Before attempting any DIY repairs, it is better to call in a roofing contractor for their expert opinion. Usually, when the water has been pooling in an area for some time, there is more damage to the roof that is invisible to the untrained eyes.

3. Large Cracks and Punctures

Weather is very unpredictable and so are other external factors. There are instances where a storm or accident causes debris to puncture the surface of the roof. This type of damage will not be remedied by simple DIY fixes. Large punctures and cracks on the roof require complicated and intensive repairs  not just a simple patch-up job.

Roof repairs as serious as a puncture should be dealt with as soon as possible. By allowing the crack to stay unfixed for too long results into more damage that can easily spread to other parts of the home. Call in a trusted local roofing contractor for immediate assistance and repairs.

4. Ice Damage

 In areas where snow fall is a normal occurrence, ice damage on the roof is a repair best left for the professionals to handle. At first glance the melting ice might look like the problem is solved but this is when the problem actually starts. The water from the melting ice will pool and seep into the shingles which gets trapped. As the weather warms up, the trapped water turns into moisture which causes rotting, mold growth, and leaks.

Simply melting away the snow or scrapping it off the roof is a foolproof measure. The best way to prevent ice and snow damage is to get a roofing company to assess the situation and apply ice damming preventive measures.

DIY Roof Repairs Aren’t Always Cheap

Many times when inexperienced handymen try to do simple repairs on complicated roof problems the damage will spread. In these cases, it is better to trust a local roofing company to do the repairs and pay extra to avoid causing extensive damage that will more likely cost more to repair. For a successful roofing project, Hiring a trusted roofing company is your best option. Not only will they have many years of experience in handling all sorts of roofing problems, but use the safest and most advanced installation and repair techniques.